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Cartersville Paving Experts is a highly experienced and dedicated asphalt paving contractor in the Cartersville area. We have worked with commercial and residential clients on all types and sizes of asphalt projects. Our asphalt contractors have the equipment and expertise necessary to provide installation, repairs, and maintenance you can count on.

Services We Provide

We are a fully-licensed paving company in Georgia and we offer a wide range of asphalt services. From new construction projects, to routine maintenance, we do it all!:

  • New Asphalt Installation
  • Asphalt Resurfacing
  • Pothole Repair
  • Sealcoating
  • Crack Filling

We also offer free quotes! So, if you’re not sure if your asphalt pavement requires repair, resurfacing, or some routine maintenance, give us a call! Our experienced crew is happy to provide a free consultation and quote.

What Makes Us One of the Top Paving Companies?

Cartersville Paving Experts is a top paving contractor in the Cartersville area because we do an excellent job and have many satisfied customers. Our attention to detail shows in our completed projects.

Our many years of experience in the paving industry provides us the tools and experience to do an amazing job every time. We work on both residential and commercial asphalt paving projects. We have extensive experience in paving residential driveways for homeowners, as well as large-scale projects like roads for HOAs, and parking lots for commercial clients.

Whether you need seal coating, installation, or repairs to restore the smooth surface of your asphalt pavements, call us today for a free quote.

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Our Asphalt Paving Services

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Commercial Asphalt

We offer a full range of parking lot paving and maintenance services. From installation to resurfacing to sealcoating, our professional and experienced crew can help with all of your commercial asphalt needs. Well-maintained parking lots help keep customers and employees safe, and make a great first impression!

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Parking Lot Paving and Resurfacing

Our commercial paving contractors professionally install and resurface asphalt parking lots. Make a great first impression on customers with a beautiful parking lot and brightly lined parking spaces.

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Asphalt Driveway Paving

A sturdy, smooth driveway is a key feature of your home property. We install and resurface asphalt driveways throughout Cartersville. If you are interested in a new driveway or having your existing driveway lengthened or extended, we provide free quotes and consultations.

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Driveway Repair and Sealcoating

Well-maintained driveways last longer and look better. Hire us to perform regular maintenance and save on future headaches and repairs! We offer pothole patching, crack-filling, sealcoating, and more asphalt repairs and maintenance.

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Asphalt Road Paving

Asphalt is a safe, affordable option when you need roads installed on your property or in your neighborhood. We work with cities, property owners, and HOAs to install, repair, and maintain roads that withstand heavy traffic and severe weather.

Asphalt Repair Services

Asphalt pavement lasts for decades and can easily be repaired and patched with minimal downtime. We offer both asphalt repairs and routine maintenance like crack filling and seal coating. Hot mix asphalt patching is a long-lasting repair for both small and large potholes. Crackfilling prevents damage from water intrusion, and sealcoating protects your asphalt surfaces and restores the dark black look of fresh asphalt!

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